Ideas for this blog

Dear all,

I am just wanting to share all my ideas for this now that I feel my recovery has been sufficient.

I am finding myself a comfortable niche in reviewing pop culture. I have a formula I follow that is inspired by Popologetics by Ted Turnau. I believe that in every film, TV show, song and video there are elements that resemble God’s story for the world. The key is to understand the story you are reviewing. I may adjust my means of doing this once once I understand content marketing better.

I want to run a series on films made 20 years ago this year. These include first instalments of many popular franchises ever made e.g. Shrek, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. There are ones which I have never seen e.g. the whole Oceans trilogy, the Fast and Furious series. Also, there are some one off films that were very popular at the time including Monsters Inc. (seen) and Pearl Harbour (not seen).

Any ideas or feedback would be helpful.

God bless you all



One thought on “Ideas for this blog

  1. Hey Willow, just wanted to let you know RE content marketing, WordPress has a plugin called Yoast that can help you to optimize your posts for SEO and readability. Some of my content writing clients have found it really helpful. Good luck with your new endeavor, and I’m looking forward to your insights. Jess


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